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A successful history


Since 1991, the history of Leme Armazéns Gerais has blended with the successful trajectory of dozens of clientes of the coffee world. The profound experience of the family in the coffee market combined with processing technology, the great storage capacity and eficiente traceability systems have made the company a natural choice for traders and exporters to prepare their coffees.


Leme Armazéns Gerais is an expert in the processing and storage of large volumes of coffee. Technical accuracy and quality concern form the basis of the entire work developed by the company, with investments in structure and state-of-the-art equipment, such as color sorters, modern stock management systems and automated warehouses, besides periodical training of its collaborators.


Leme puts its tradition and experience at the disposal of clients of all sizes, offering processing services for commercial, specialty, organic and certified coffees for exports. The warehouses have a capacity for 450,000 coffee bags, that can be stored as traditional bags or big bags, and can process up to 10,000 coffee bags daily.


Our company comprises 18,000 sq.m. of strategically located warehouses, certified by BMF&Bovespa and Banco do Brasil (Gold Warehouse) – that denote our reliability and technical capacity – for maximum efficiency in coffee processing for demanding clients throughout Brazil.




• Company with solid market knowledge

• Automated structure for maximum efficiency

• State-of-the-art technology in systems and equipment

• Complete traceability of coffee lots

• Certified warehouses

• Professional and specialized team

• Strategic location




Leme’s mission it to cater to the clients’ needs in logistics and warehousing, transport and other services with reliability, safety and responsiveness.





Leme Armazéns will be a company recognized by its clients for its responsiveness and efficiency. By the market for its ethics; by its collaborators by respect and work opportunities. And by its shareholders for being the best option for their investments.





- Ethics in the relationship with clients, suppliers, collaborators, civil society and government;

- Quality in everything it does and pride for the work developed;

- Respect to the human being, to the environment and to the interests of all of the stakeholders with whom the company engages;

- Innovation to always offer the best solution to the clients’ needs and to remain competitive.





Leme Armazéns Gerais is in a strategic location, alongside Anhanguera road in São Paulo state, with easy access to the main coffee producing areas of Brazil (South Minas, Cerrado, Mogiana and Northern Parana) and also to Santos Port, which is 300 km away.


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