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Structure and Services


Leme knows the importance of technology and modernization in coffee processing, that is why it continuously upgrades its systems and equipments. Our warehouses and dry processing structure employ high technology as well as trained personnel to guarantee excellency of services and the best result for our clientes.






• 18.000 sq.m. of storage area
• Automated warehouses, with traceability systems
• Storage for up to 450,000 coffee bags, either in traditional bags or big bags
• Two modern and independent lines for complete dry processing of coffee
• Cutting edge technology color sorters – 15 machines
• Capacity to receive and expedite 10,000 bags/600 tons of coffee (daily)
• Expedition structure for coffee in bulk, big bags, alpha bags and traditional bags
• Weighing platform for cargo
• Sealing system for loads destined to other Brazilian states
• Equipped laboratory for coffee quality control with professional cuppers
• Expert team to handle coffee processing and preparation, from commercial to specialty

Leme Armazéns Gerais offers a complete structure for coffee storage and processing for exports. Its modern lines of equipment can process large volumes of coffee, with a capacity to receive and expedite 10,000 bags, or 600 tons of coffee, on a daily basis.


The warehouses are certified and automated for complete traceability of the coffee lots. The storage capacity is 450,000 coffee bags, either in traditional bags or big bags. There are 18,000 sq.m. of covered warehouses, with waterproof floor and suitable ventilation to guarantee the quality of the stored coffees.


Leme is a reference in coffee processing services – commercial, fine, specialty, organic and certified coffees – for clients of all sizes, including large growers, traders and exporters.

• Coffee storage – traditional bags and big bags
• Complete dry processing in state-of-the-art equipment (cleaning, separation by size, density and color)
• Lot preparation and quality control
• Coffee logistics and expedition for exports

Leme Armazéns Gerais is in a strategic location, alongside Anhanguera road in São Paulo state, with easy access to the main coffee producing areas of Brazil (South Minas, Cerrado, Mogiana and Northern Parana) and also to Santos Port, which is 300 km away.


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